Sim Update IX fertig zum Anlassen

Es war schon lange angekündigt und hatte von zahlreichen Beta-Testern noch einen Feinschliff bekommen. Heute ist es soweit, das Team von Asobo Studio hat das Sim Update 9 veröffentlicht.

Abgesehen von den zahlreichen Fehlerkorrekturen wartet eine neue Landing Challenge auf die Simpiloten. Diese wird mit der Cessna 172 Skyhawk am Kingston Airport in Nevada geflogen.

Ausserdem hat die F-18E Super Hornet ein paar neue visuelle Effekte spendiert bekommen. Bei hohen G-Lasten bilden sich an den Flügeln Wirbelschleppen und beim Durchbrechen der Schallmauer ist die Druckwelle sichtbar.

Die Liste der Änderungen der Version ist lang:


Fixed a silent crash when launching the title directly from the shortcut without having the Steam client open
Fixed missing legs in the bush trip briefing screen when the user had a save from a previous update
Fixed missing text for “Delete from Xbox Cloud storage”
Accessing the EXIT POS X/Y/Z simvars should no longer crash the title
Fixed Short Stuff achievement unlocking
Improved compilation time for WASM modules at first boot
Fixed font issues in the in game panels
The same Azure Text-To-Speech voice should no longer be used by both ATC and AI traffic
Fixed mouse cursor that remained in resize mode in specific states (pausing the game for example)
Fixed extremity Dead Zone and Reactivity Settings not saving on Xbox
Fixed cursor issues in cockpit and in devmode
Fixed VR controllers not working when using Legacy interaction system
Fixed the RTC for the Robin DR400 and the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
Fixed the Autopilot behavior
Fixed Heading select


Several crashes have been fixed across the title
Ongoing performance optimization work
Fixed parsing of XML gauges on Xbox that prevented the correct loading of some files


AI aircraft will no longer get expedite requests
ILS can now be received when the aircraft is slightly below the antenna
Changed the way we handle several ILS on the same frequency (better handling of opposite runways having the same ILS frequency)


Fixed popcorn clouds are present over a clear sky in Live Weather
Reduction of clouds banding that appear at close range
Properly save and load cloud density from WPR files
Corrected error in ISA pressure formula application to weather atmosphere that was causing errors in the QNH to pressure altitude relationship, especially at high field elevations
Fixed issue where altitudes below sea level could report incorrect ambient pressures


Switched to Azure Neural Text-To-Speech technology
Fixed attenuation distance in cockpit for AI SimObjects using legacy wavedata pipeline


It’s now possible to delete flight files from the cloud storage
Fixed extra flight saved after landing at an airport after ‘continue’
Fixed “Look Ma, no hands!” achievement



DoubleHorizontalGauge and DoubFixed values shown in the Fuel in-sim panel when setting one of the sliders to 0%
leVerticalGauge can now receive valuePrecision tag from panel.xml
Fixed ice continues to accumulate on aircraft’s windshield after Icing Effect is set to Off
Fixed an issue that caused text to render incorrectly with certain fonts
Added an optional settings to camera.cfg files allowing to change the distance between the external camera and the plane
Added capability to send multiple arguments to JS views (with H events) from the xml
Added Subtract keyword support (typo) in panel.xml parsing
Rename cameras NodeToHide parameter with better naming : VarToggle
On a turbine engine, you can now adjust the maximum rate at which N2 progress (below low_idle_n2)
Fixed empty CG Position does not reset to default when reset button is pressed in the weight and balance menu
Corrected an issue that prevented a tooltip from showing on the light controls of floaters plane
Corrected an issue that caused the windshield icing to be unaffected by the icing options
Changed FuelSystem Tank level SimVars to be settable
Corrected an issue which would sometimes cause the fuel & payload page to incorrectly calculate the fuel load of some tanks
Added missing inputs for NAV3 & NAV4 to match their NAV1 & NAV2 counterparts
Added new parameters for better control of the new propeller simulation
Improved the debug information for the new propeller simulation
New debug feature for easier debug & adjustment of aircraft stall behaviors
Improved debug information for debug & adjustment of aircraft moment of inertia
Fixed problem with FLCH and planes that are using the new propeller system
Improved aircraft force debug visualization to visualize soft body fuselage rigidity simulation
Added new simulation of fuselage rigidity impact on aerodynamics (soft body simulation)
Improved information on Debug Aircraft Engines debug window and fixed an issue with some data on fixed beta aircraft
Change overspeed limit based on the reference speed above mach2.5 : max speed is considered as EAS and not IAS (only above M2.5)
Corrected QNH formula application to align with atmosphere ISA fixes

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

Course steering arrow has now the correct shape
Connect Auto Sequential Steering to Autopilot
Added Auto Sequential Steering feature
Added display Tacan information and bearing on external HUD
Changed external HUD Angle Of Attack Indicator to support Navy Indicator
CRS and HDG/TRK switch will accelerate when hold
Fixed clicks triggered when right click on mouse with pad plugged
Fixed Waypoints and sequences management system
Added Course Selection
Display Nose Wheel Steering modes on HUD
Lower max HUD brightness to avoid blurred fonts
Improved the Aural Warnings
Improved to allow you to insert a waypoint in a sequence without entering its LatLong
Improved external HUD by displaying the airspeed in Mach
Improved by ensuring that it does not have access to the Radio Altitude at high bank angles
Adjusted Mach and drag coefficient to match real max speed at sea level
Corrected an issue with the afterburner not properly getting disabled when the throttle is set below it’s range through its InputEvent
Corrected the behavior of the flaps while on the ground
Corrected an AP conflict when attempting to hold an altitude with the autothrottle active on some plane
Corrected an issue that would sometimes cause the plane to spawn with invalid throttle position
Added an Axis key to control the Nosewheel steering
Added the NAV3/NAV4 version of the keys that were missing them
Corrected an issue that would cause the Magneto’s Tooltip to always show the values of Engine 1
Corrected an issue that inverted the bank of the F18’s Standby Attitude Indicator
Corrected an issue that caused the AOA Indicator of the F18 to stay enabled with gears raised
Prevented a fixed view to clip through the plane
Fixed folded wings aerodynamics
Afterburner power ratio improved to match acceleration time at all altitudes
Corrected an issue that would cause the F18’s Autothrottle to disable when pressing the flaps up key while already at the up position
Fixed issue with HUD pitch ladder moving when rudder is applied
Fixed the wheels contact points
Fixed decals on the left and right panel who had bad naming
Fixed the HMD color glass
Update seatbelt texture
Fixed a fuel system issue
Tweaked wingtip vortices
Vapor cone effect should now trigger when reaching mach 1, below 30°C and below 15000 ft


Corrected an issue with the STD button which has a behavior inconsistant with the mins button
Fixed minor display issue with CDU Approach REF page highlight
Fixed error in CDU FlightPlanning flow which prevented user from choosing a STAR


Corrected an issue that caused the aircraft to spawn with the AP disabled when spawning in flight
Corrected an issue that prevented the steering wheel from being moveable while the plane is not moving
Fixed FMA initial state
Fixed TO/GA button effect on A/T
Fixed wrong flaps position animation


Corrected an issue that caused the Alpha Protection to be unable to trigger the TOGA
Corrected an issue that caused the AP maximum altitude to be too high


Ported to new propeller system
CFD simulation now used for this aircraft
Adjusted engine wash on roll to have the left turn tendancy experienced in real flight
Corrected flaps section on the ski version
Added assymetric trim tab values to match real aircraft trim deflection
Updated flight model to match real recorded data behavior
Added fuselage rigidity soft body simulation
Propeller windmilling stop and start airspeed adjusted
Max throttle propeller rpm on ground adjusted
Max climb speed vertical speed adjusted
Reduced propeller MOI to adjust propeller rpm change speed
Adjusted aircraft MOI to adjust engine and propeller effects
Adjusted take off elevator trim to adjust auto rotation speed
Adjusted soft body simulation body rigidity to adjust aircraft responsiveness
Adjusted aircraft drag to adjust for engine and propeller changes and match POH speeds
Adjusted engine orientation to adjust engine effects
Adjusted neutral rudder angle for compensation of P-Factor at cruise speed which increases the effects of P-Factor at climb
New CFD parameters added to cfg file for CFD tweaking and finetuning
New wing_virtualdihedral parameter allows to adjust the virtual dihedral
Reduced virtual dihedral from 5° to 1° to improve stall symmetry and reduce the dihedral countering the p-factor • Adjusted roll PID of the autopilot to better deal with turbulences


Corrected the behavior of the 208B’s DeIce system


Corrected an issue that prevented the YD/AP button from properly disconnecting the Yaw Damper


Plugged in Standby Attitude Display Switch
Corrected a number of small bugs on the behavior of the switches
Zoom button below the left MFD rotates on the right axis upon interaction


Improvement on TBM throttle feather animation


Corrected an issue with the behavior of the Volocity’s Attitude Hold button


Navigation lights added
Camera no longer crosses the seats in cockpit view
No more textures or flickering when Frost is activated (inside and outside)
Holes in the cockpit around the doors and windows have been fixed


Navigation lights has been added on the wings
Flickering on the screens of instruments when camera is far from the plane has been fixed


New vegetation debug tool for trees & vegetation with drawing distances
Added new Asobo office in Bordeaux, France
Improved some tiling / cut issues in existing manually edited watermasks
Fixed the transistion for the water on the coastlines on specific edge cases
Fixed various elevation data issues across the world


Various minor UI fixes
Ingame Panels will no longer be distorded when changing screen ratio
Wishlist items are now sorted based on the date they were added in the marketplace
The marketplace wasn’t showing generic purchase and download pipelines error anymore
See all rating filter added to the rating filters
On the marketplace, an item’s required space is now displayed before downloading it


Tobii Head Tracking Sensitivity: Pitch/Yaw, Head Tracking Sensitivity: Roll, Head Tracking Sensitivity: Position not saved properly
Eye tracking reset is remappable
Extremity Dead zone and reactivity settings are now properly saved
Corrected an issue which prevented the “Toggle Freelook” button from working while in freelook
Cursor inputs can now be remapped
Inverted Flaps & Spoiler axis for the Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Throttle default profile
Added a new axis type input for nose wheel steering


Xbox Live invitations for private reno lobby are now working
Fixed a rare bug when player could be stuck in a group without the possibility to leave it



Making all devmode windows resizable from all edges with mouse
Devmode: add more console information for the screenshot tool
SDK: enable model merging and model attaching feature
Deactivate all lights on Resync to avoid inconsistent light behaviour
Teleport window: add the ability to look for an airport name
Aircraft Capture Tool: Fix aircraft moving when using “SimState” option
SDK: Added a new aircraft sample to show how to create and use custom RTC animations
Aircraft Capture Tool & SDK Screenshot buttons: Added console logs when screenshots fail
Aircraft Capture Tool: Fix wrong size & extension for aircraft thumbnail when using marketplace editor “Capture aircraft thumbnail” button
Fixed output path for SimObjects when creating a new package
The Error/Warning/Message buttons in the console now remain functional even when the console is spammed
The Aircraft Selector now shows invalid aircraft as greyed out
Fixed the Delete button in the Material Inspector
Fixed ClientID/SendID issues in SimConnect server (clients won’t receive exceptions triggered for other clients anymore)
The FX Templates/Instances Debugger now shows more meaningful information
The Aircraft Editor now includes the “Debug CFD” and “Debug Stall” options
Renamed some Visual Effects for easier debugging (GUIDs unchanged)
Added colors to error messages in CMD console output
Fixed console message search clear making the message disappear, now will auto scroll to the selected message after search clear
Fixed messages not appearing in console if they were the same but at different timestamps
Visual Effects Editor
Fixed GravityVectorNode not taking input scale into account
Fixed node creation menu accessible with no document opened
Node creation menu is divided into categories, has a search filter and alphabetical ordering
New SetScale node
New ParticleVelocityRotationAxis & ParticleVelocityRotationRate attributes
moved color1 and color2 of static mesh to set/ childproperty
exposed colors used with the material code “Afterburner” into the static mesh block of the VFX graph
Fixed calculation of effects bounding box to avoid incorrect culling
Fixed scenery cache refresh when building a package from the DevMode
Fixed misleading warnings upon building MarketplaceData for a package
Fixed crash upon closing the game while a WASM module is being compiled
Fixed potential crashes when a package contains illegal files in its AirportServices folder


Added GPS GSI SCALING and GPS CDI SCALING writable vars to control the full- scale deflection of HSI CDI NEEDLE and HSI GSI NEEDLE when in GPS mode
Added write ability for GPS VERTICAL ANGLE, GPS VERTICAL ANGLE ERROR, and GPS VERTICAL ERROR, which can be used while in GPS OVERRIDDEN to control HSI GSI NEEDLE
Added GPS HAS GLIDEPATH writable var which can be used while in GPS OVERRIDDEN to control HSI GSI NEEDLE VALID when in GPS mode
Fixed issue where writing GPS WP PREV ID and GPS WP NEXT ID would truncate last character
AUTOPILOT VERTICAL HOLD VAR will no longer automatically change signs when the selected altitude moves from above the plane to below while in AUTOPILOT AVIONICS MANAGED
Set FUEL TANK QUANTITY now converts unit to gallons
RequestFacilitiesList now returns the entire list of facilities
Added RNAV_ENABLED option to CDI template, which allows the CDI template to instead source from HSI CDI NEEDLE, HSI CDI NEEDLE VALID, HSI GSI NEEDLE, and HSI GSI NEEDLE VALID
Added second parameter (bool) to SET_NEAREST_INTERSECTION_FILTER which controls whether or not terminal intersections should be returned by the nearest search session

Scenery editor

The “Object type” selection box from the Object window is now sorted alphabetically
Fixed camera resetting its position when adding a new object to the scene
Fixed one- click placing preview for projected meshes and control towers
Removed profile editor in Light support properties. Replaced it by two drag float values for start and end points altitudes
Fix Polygons not saving their hierarchy information properly
Fixed incorrect hierarchy when loading a project with the “load this QMID scenery” button
New keyboard shortcuts for the scenery editor
Fixed runway n°36 having wrong display name “Runway 0”
Now the buttons under the Scenery list (“duplicate”, “delete”, etc) are always visible and only greyed out when not usable
Added “Target group” as an option of the “Move to” submenu of the right- click menu
Fixed crash when trying to import an airport using the importer from APX
Fixed Hide/Unhide not working for projected meshes
Fixed light support not working when there is no runway
Better display for runway marking option. Display invalid field in red in airport properties
Fixed orientation of the debug arrow for hold shorts
Fixed freeze when setting a big length for runways
Fixed “apply flatten” that doesn’t update the ground geometry
Fixed jetways linking
Fixed crash when placing an ortho painted line
Fixed crash when removing point during polygon creation
Fixed bug when clearing material field
Added “use low resolution altitude”
Added VectorPlacement: allow to generate line of objects
Fixed crash when one click placing parking gate

Aircraft editor

Fixed min/max_design_mp expressed in the wrong unit
Fixed typo and removed Pos Apex Long as it is not used in the Sim

Project editor

Fixed empty package name when failing to clean a project while it’s being used
Simulation now stays on pause after loading a project
Fixed cpu hang when building aircraft package


Create Wasm Debug Window which displays information about wasm module, gauges
Custom Key Events are now well received by event_handler function


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