Developer DarkSpace, in conjunction with Threshold, has released xEnvrio 2020 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. xEnviro 2020 is a new weather engine for the simulator that is self-described as the “most accurate weather engine” made for the simulator.

The development team has ported the core of the xEnviro engine over to Microsoft Flight Simulator in order to get the most precise weather possible in the simulator. The core engine itself is based on over 10 years of experience and an extremely sophisticated mathematical model.

The most unique element of the xEnviro 2020 product is the fact it can add in historic weather to the simulator – something missing from the core platform. The historical weather is downloaded every 30-minutes, giving you quite a lot of freedom on being able to go back in time to experience different conditions. It’s good to know that the historical weather started on 16th October 2022 and beyond.

Other features include simulation of in-cloud turbulence, atmoshperic conditions based on dynamic air parcel predition models and much more. The core weather itself will be refreshed from 5 up to 60 minutes, with accurate temperatures, wind direction and speeds all accounted for.

Speaking candidly on the xEnviro Facebook group, Threshold owner Magnus Lorvik said, “This is an urgent project that will hopefully mend economic difficulties for the dev team. (I have elaborated on this in our discord). It was a relatively short dev run since the core of the weather engine already existed in X-Plane version. (Only development time for this was since the 1.17 release)“.

In the future, DarkSpace hopes to be able to add true-scale clouds and other features.

For those that own the X-Plane version of xEnvrio, DarkSpace has made it clear that they will be restoring focus back to version 1.18 on X-Plane 11.

If you wish to purchase xEnviro 2020 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, then you can buy a copy via the Threshold store for $42.00. Those who own the X-Plane version of the product will be entitled to an $18.00 discount.