Despite X-Plane 12 being available for the past few months, it has been done so as an ‘early access’ product. During this time, it has seen many updates by adding new features, fixing bugs and implementing user feedback. It is now however officially out and no longer carrying the ‘early access’ title.

X-Plane 12 includes new features such as new aircraft, an updated user interface, moving jetways, seasons, and a new lighting, sound and effects engine. It contains numerous flight model updates, an entirely updated ATC system, new Primus avionics, Navdata updates, and recut global scenery.

Those who already had access via the ‘early access’ download can simply download the latest update in order to get the full release.

If you’re looking to buy X-Plane 12, you can do so via the Laminar Research website or Steam. It will cost you $59.99

Features of X-Plane 12

Photometric, HDR Lighting Engine

The 4D Weather Engine

Seven New Aircraft – A330, Citation X, SR22, RV-10, F-14 Tomcat, PA-18, R-22, Lancair Evolution

Volumetric 3D Clouds

Seasonal/Weather-Specific Visual Effects – Snow, Variable Vegetation, Ice and Rain

New 3D Forests, Water, Vegetation