It’s been a little while since we last saw a development update from X-Crafts regarding their E-Jets Family of aircraft for X-Plane. However, this has changed with the latest update from the team and the newly released video.

The new update was provided by the ‘Not-a-Newsletter’ email by X-Crafts, where Marko spoke about the complexities of VNAV. What was planned to take 2-3 weeks of development has taken over 4 months to get right.

Marko said in the newsletter, “I’m proud to say that we already have a working code that gives us impressively accurate VNAV guidance. There are still many bits that will need to be finetuned and tweaked to account for all the possible scenarios, and generally to make it simpler and more reliable, but I’m now already flying full LNAV&VNAV flights all over the world and I’m having THE BEST TIME!

To demonstrate how this all comes together in the aircraft, Marko and the team put together a full-flight video for the new E-Jets.

In the 46-minute video, you get to see the plane in action, using the new VNAV and LNAV technology at work.

Current ERJ Family in X-Plane 12

In other news, X-Crafts has released a patch that enables you to use the current ERJ Family in X-Plane 12. It’s the same plane, but simply allows you to load up and use the plane in the new simulator from Laminar Research.

The patch will hopefully tie customers over as the wait for the ERJ Family v2.0 eventually gets released. It is planned to be released for both X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12 in the future, but there’s no ETA planned at this time.