X-Crafts has shared a new preview video on their YouTube channel. The video goes over the start-up procedure of the plane from cold and dark, as well as take-off. The video also highlights some of the new features that will become available in X-Crafts E-Jets Family in the future. One of those new features, and quickly becoming a community favourite, is the addition of an EFB. The EFB can be used for performance calculation, checklists and to interact with the ground services. As the videos takes you through the whole start-up and engine start process, followed by take-off, you can get a bit of an idea of the simulation of the systems simulated in the upcoming add-on. The video does not show any FMS functionality, but Marko did share that this feature is still under development, and customers will have three different FMS options.

The E-Jets Family was announced back in 2020, and the developer has not announced a planned release date.