YouTuber and PMDG 737 beta tester, 737NG Driver has produced a 45 minute video on the upcoming 737-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In the 45-minute video, 737NG Driver takes us through a short flight from Las Vegas to Area 51 in the new PMDG 737-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. During the video, we see the plane complete a flight from take off to landing, whilst he speaks about some of the new features and quirks of the smallest of the 737 NG variants.

During the video, 737NG Driver spoke about the pricing and said that the PMDG 737-600 will be the “lowest priced high-fidelity aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator”. It’s not explicitly said how much it will be based on the video.

The aircraft is due to release soon, but no specific date has yet been given. We’ll keep you updated with any possible new information. You can watch the full video above.