Tech Advisor to the PMDG team, Emanuel Hagen, has shared a new video on his YouTube channel showcasing what the next update for the 737 for MSFS includes.

In the first few minutes of the video see Emanuel go through some of the system changes that have taken place with this update. He then shows us the brand-new animations for various areas in the flight deck. This includes improved yoke, flap, gear and spoiler animations. Whatsmore, the trim wheel no longer features the 2010 NGX code (which was accidentally left in) and is now smooth as silk. These improvements are welcome, especially following what we said in our review about how dated they originally felt.

The video concludes with an overview of some improvements with the HUD panel now being backlit. This is just an overview of some of the major changes coming with the update. PMDG is still working on the update and will push it out to the public once it’s ready.

For more news on PMDG, check out our article on the 737-600 being pushed back. It’s also good to note that the new 737-600 will release with the new Lateral Flight Path Model (LFPM).