The team at Flight Simulation Association are back with another seminar, but this time focused on the upcoming Cross the Pond event being held on the VATSIM network.

Cross the Pond is VATSIM‘s largest event with controllers on both sides of the Atlantic guiding pilots to a number of airports on October 15th 2022. Online air traffic control coverage will be available for participating pilots to fly from North America to Europe. Cross the Pond is also one of the only periods of the year when pilots are guaranteed full air traffic control coverage in oceanic airspace, offering a unique opportunity to practice some of the special procedures that exist in this evolving airspace.

In this seminar, VATSIM controllers Rob from Slant Alpha Adventures (Washington Center) and Joshua (Houston Center ATM and Oceanic Controller) take you through everything you will need to know on how to get started and fly. The briefing includes North American operations, Oceanic Procedures, European arrival information and a detailed Q&A session.

You can get a range of free resources relating to the seminar from the Flight Simulation Association page. The presentation can also be viewed online here.

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