Volanta, the popular flight sim flight tracking application, has just released their new update, version 1.3.9. This new update addresses many bug fixes, but also includes a number of useful new features.

The most notable feature of the 1.3.9 update is the added support for those using X-Plane 12. If you have XPL12 Early Access installed on your computer, you should be given a prompt to install the Volanta plugin once running the application.

Other features include the ability to filter your aircraft list based on their home location. Using the filter commands, users can see which of their aircraft are at or away from their home locations, don’t have a home location, or all the aircraft stationed at a specific airport.

The map page receives two new options to display. First, you can activate a day/night line in the map settings, making it clear which parts of the world are experiencing daytime/nighttime. Second, the Pacific Organised Track System (PACOTS) can now be displayed on the map, just like the North Atlantic Tracks (NAT).

Finally, this new update now displays which Volanta users liked your screenshots and allows barometric pressure to be displayed either in hectopascal (hPa) or inches of mercury (inHg).

You can get the new version of Volanta through their app and downloading the update when prompted. To access all of these features and more, you can visit Volanta’s website and start using the application for free.

However, to get access to all that Volanta has to offer, you will want to hop on their premium subscription. In addition to all of the free features, the premium subscription offers unlimited 4K cloud screenshots, the ability to create flight parties, access real-world flight schedules, and more. Volanta’s premium subscription can be purchased for AU$6.35 (excluding tax) per month.


Support for X-Plane 12 Early AccessAdded day/night lineAircraft can now be filtered based on their home locationBarometric pressure can now be shown in hPa or inHgPacific Organised Track System (PACOTS) can now be shown on the mapAdded ability to see who liked a screenshotSchedule tooltips no longer cause a vertical scrollbar to appearAdded more error checking to our DCS scriptsUpdating a past flight will no longer overwrite the active flight in some casesUpdating a flight’s notes now correctly updates in real-time across multiple devicesCertain notifications will no longer appear multiple timesUser changes to aircraft type ICAO will now be reflected in more parts of the UIThe notification tray icon is no longer missing a tooltipScenery map layer settings are now persisted when you close VolantaDisplay of NATs improved when zooming closer to them