A brand new update for Orbx’s flight tracking and community software tool, Volanta, is now available. Version 1.4 of the app adds new features, fixes some issues and also introduces an all-new mobile app for both iOS and Android.

The new app for mobile allows users to conduct the same monitoring and tracking functions available in the desktop app. In addition, a remote pause option has also been added, which will allow users to freeze their simulator remotely in the event that their aircraft deviates from course or encounters some sort of anomaly.

Alongside the mobile app, the Desktop application of Volanta saw a huge number of changes also.

One of the big new features is a stream overlay, which Orbx believes will be of great help to anybody looking to get started with livestreaming their flights on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. The app already imports live data from the simulator to create a flight track, and now this data can be used to build a stream overlay. Volanta v1.4 will come with a stream overlay editor where users can customise their overlay’s font, colour scheme, and general layout to match their content branding.

The built-in roster system introduced in Volanta v1.2 is also being expanded, which will allow scheduling your flights outside of the real-world schedule system. This will mean that users can plan out an entire day’s flight schedule in only a few clicks.

Improvements have also been made to the Discord integration, which will now show the simulator being flown, as well as additional information such as current position and aircraft type.

Finally, Orbx announced that the real-world schedules feature is now going to be powered by industry leader in the flight tracking space, FlightAware. This should bring higher quality data to more airports around the world, enhancing the accuracy of schedules and also allowing simmers to see the aircraft type being used on specific legs.

Orbx showed in their blog post what the new discord-integrated status bar will look like.

Volanta 1.4 is now available to anyone for free. There are plenty of premium features such as the real-world schedules and 4K screenshots that can be obtained AU$6.35 (plus tax) per month.