Scenery developer VerticalSim has released Boise Air Terminal (KBOI) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

According to the developer, “Boise’s approach is one of the best in the United States, tasking you with navigating mountains and other terrain. It’s use is also perfect for those on the Pilotedge & VATSIM networks.”

Boise Air Terminal saw over 2 million passengers in 2019 thanks to its numerous airlines that regularly visit. Such airlines include Alaska Airlines, American, Southwest, Spirit and United.

The airport comes with a bunch of features including custom jetways, HD texturing (with full BPR mapping), custom ground polygons and accurate markings throughout. There’s also proper AI routing so traffic in the sim will follow the correct path. In addition, there are also some outside areas included such as the local Denny’s, Rodeway Inn, Motel 6 and more.

You can buy VerticalSim’s Boise Air Terminal for Microsoft Flight Simulator from SIMMARKET and Contrail for €16.11 (excluding taxes).


Animated & static passengers with full-scale partial interiorCustom JetwaysLOD optimization2022 Layout (Per Navigraph charts)HD texturing with full-scale PBR mappingCustom ground polygons with accurate markings & materialsProper AI routing, vehicle pathing, and ATC networkCorrect taxiway signage, guard lightsHDR Night lightingSurrounding areas included (Denny’s, Rodeway Inn, Kopper Kitchen, Motel 6, etc.)