Scenery developer Verticalsim is back with a brand new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the team headed to Nebraska to bring us Omaha-Eppley Field.

Omaha-Eppley Field Airport serves both Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa and sees airlines from across the US visit on a regular basis. Southwest, Allegiant Air and Delta Connection serve the majority of routes. Destinations from the airport include Denver, Seattle, LA, Miami and New York. Eppley Field has three runways and two terminals, making it a relatively big airport.

Verticalsim has added a range of features to the airport product. There is full interior modelling, complete with animated passengers. The airport’s layout is built based on 2022 charts and there are various landmarks dotted around the airport to give you an immersive experience. Finally, there’s custom taxiway signage, hold-short lights and also guard lights.

You can buy Verticalsim’s Omaha-Eppley Field from either Contrail or SIMMARKET for €16.85 (excluding taxes).


Animated passengers with full-scale interior2022 Layout (Per Navigraph charts)HD texturing with full-scale PBR mappingVarious landmarks (such as Ameritrade Park, BobKerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Omaha Correction Center)Proper AI routing, vehicle pathing, and ATC networkCustom taxiway signage, ember short hold lights, guard lights, high-speed centerlines, etc.