UK2000 has entered the US airport market again with the release of Telluride Airport (KTEX) 2022 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Claiming that they were ‘disappointed’ with the hand-crafted custom airport included with the sim, they went ahead and made one they say is more accurate.

Telluride Regional Airport is around 6 miles south of Telluride town on Dove Creek Mesa. With an elevation of over 9,000ft, it’s the highest commercial airport in the US.

The airport comes with a range of features including fully detailed airport buildings, realistic ground markings, high-resolution ground imagery and accurate night lighting. Check out the trailer above to see more.

You can buy Telluride Airport from the UK2000 Scenery website for £9.99.


Full detail Buildings

Realistic Ground Markings

Hi Res ground image

Stunning Night Effects

High details Airport Vehicles

Excellent Frame Rates

Full set of signs



PBR Materials

Internal Tower details

Optional Static aircraft 

Internal Building details and Open Hanger