Recently, ToLiss took to social media to announce two very exciting additions coming to their Airbus aircraft in the near future: an electronic flight bag (EFB) and controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC). Both of these new features are designed to improve the realism of ToLiss’ aircraft.

With technology’s rapid development, EFBs and CPDLC are now becoming the standard on commercial aircraft. An EFB is an electronic device used in the cockpit that allows pilots to easily view navigational charts, conduct performance calculations, and more. Typically, pilots will use a tablet, like an iPad, or some aircraft, like the Boeing 787, feature EFBs built into the cockpit. On the other hand, CPDLC is a communications system that allows pilots and air traffic controllers to communicate via message instead of talking over a radio frequency. This system is often used for issuing clearances and assigning radio frequencies.

ToLiss’ EFB will have a plethora of functionalities, including loading checklists, conducting performance and weight and balance calculations, requesting METARs, and managing the aircraft’s payload and doors. Essentially, most operations that could be done through ToLiss’ ISCS can now be done with the EFB. However, the ISCS will still be available should pilots need to use it instead of the EFB. Finally, ToLiss’ CPDLC system will be based on the Hoppie network and allow flight simmers to request their clearances just like real airline pilots.

While ToLiss did not provide an exact date for the release, they stated these new features will be coming to the A340-600 “soon” and will be added to the A319 and A321 afterwards.

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