A few days ago, aircraft developer ToLiss updated its long-haul A340-600 for X-Plane to version 1.1. The new update adds features such as a custom engine model, improved ACARS functionality and changes to the 3D modelling.

The new custom engine model provides a more realistic thrust and fuel flow for each of the four engines on the wide body. The FMGS also saw changes enabling temporary flight plans and also alternative plans, whilst the offset function is also available now. ACARS functionality has also been improved to allow direct download of SimBrief plans, along with the ability to retrieve take-off data and wind data.

A new failure mode has also been added to the A340-600 which means there are nearly 250 failure modes to have fun with in the simulator. New RESET switches are also implemented with the aircraft.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes is the fact that the A340-600 will be compatible with X-Plane 12 when it is eventually released. This was a promise made by ToLiss a while ago and the team is excited by what the new platform brings. On a side note, a future episode of our Dev Deep Dive series will give you a small glimpse at the quad-jet in the new simulator. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

The ToLiss A340-600 update is free to download from your original place of purchase. For those who don’t own it can pick it up from the X-Plane store for 89.99 USD.

ToLiss A340-600 v1.1 Changelog

XP12 adaptations (available after XP12 is released)Custom engine model for more realistic thrust and fuel flow valuesFMGS plan editing overhaul, enabling temporary flight plans also for the alternate planDatabase holds are now availableOffset function now availableACARS functionality for direct download of Simbrief plans into the active or the secondary flight planACARS functionality to retrieve TO data for various runways of the departure airportACARS functionality to retrieve wind data from simbrief flight plan and enter them in the flight plan.Cockpit 3d model rework, including improved switch geometry and moving cockpit seats/arm restsCockpit side windows can now be opened. This will affect air conditioning simulation.Addition of new failure modes for a total of 249 different failure modes, these include now recoverable computer failuresImplementation of all in-cockpit RESET switches (Airbus long range equivalent to in-cockpit circuit breakers)