A brand new extension to ENVSHADE has been released by TOGA Projects. EVNPLUS is a new tool that allows you to customise the enhanced atmospherics configuration within Prepar3D in just a few clicks. By doing this, you can customise how Prepar3D looks and add another layer of immersion.

You will be able to change a whole host of settings, including sky saturation, sky brightness, cloud saturation and brightness, the tint of your simulator, your water colour, wave size, reflection level, haze quantity and distance, and much more. All of these settings are changed via the intuitive user interface. Whatsmore, you won’t have to reboot the simulator to see the changes as they will happen in real-time.

If customisation is not your thing, then you are able to simply install ENVPLUS and see an immediate change to TrueSky in the simulator thanks to the built-in changes that come by default.

You can buy ENVPLUS for Prepar3D v5 for €9.60. However, if you own ENVSOUND, ENVSHADE or ENVTEX, then you can get it for €8.20 (excluding taxes).


Supported simulators

Prepar3D v5.3 and above

Prepar3D v4.5 HF3 (Post-release)​

Friendly user interface

Full integration in the new common user interface for a quick access to all your TOGA products​​

Envtex Plus

Ability to manually change sun and moon size​

Customizable precipitation effects (Post-release)​

Envshade Plus

New exclusive shader tweaks optimized for Enhanced Atmospherics, click & forget or fully customizable:
Enhanced Sky colour and saturation​

Enhanced Legacy clouds colour and brightness in Enhanced Atmospherics mode

Enhanced Volumetric clouds brightness, colour, saturation and performance

​Enhanced Haze rendering

Fully customizable for Legacy mode and Enhanced atmospherics shaders values including:​
Atmosphere scattering tint

Atmosphere scattering strength

Sky Saturation

Sky Tint Daytime

Sky Tint Twilight

Vertical visibility

Cloud brightness Daytime

Cloud brightness Nighttime

Cloud shadows depth

Cloud fog blending

Cirrus brightness Daytime

Cirrus brightness Nighttime

HDR contrast

Terrain saturation

Terrain reflectivity

Water saturation

Water reflectivity

Waves scaling

PBR reflectivity

Scenery PBR brightness

Aircraft PBR shadows depth

Road lights saturation

Road lights intensity

Uncustomizable tweaks:
Dynamic Directional lighting logic depending on time of day

Dynamic Fog tint and brightness depending on time of day, relative view position and customization setting

Dynamic Legacy clouds blending with Enhanced atmospheric shaders depending on time of day and weather

Dynamic Volumetric clouds brightness, colours and saturation depending on time of day, relative view position and customization setting

Dynamic Cloud shadows depending on time of day, altitude and customization setting

Automatic HDR tint depending on activated graphic mode (EA or Legacy) and customization setting

Dynamic atmosphere scattering scaling depending on time of day and customization setting

Dynamic water saturation scaling depending on weather and customization setting

​Dynamic shadowing for more realistic weather conditions (Sun light do not bleed anymore in deep fog)​

Envsound Plus

Ability to add sounds to custom locations (Future unconfirmed feature for post-release)​

Config plus

Enhanced Atmospherics clouds configuration file enhanced

Editable EA clouds configuration (Post-release feature)

​Editable P3D configuration file (Post-release feature)