After a bit of a hiatus, TOGA Projects has announced they are back in action and actively developing their projects. In a statement made on their website, developer Maxime explains a little bit more about the silence, which was due to personal reasons, as well as some technical difficulties faced with the development of Envplus and Envdir. These technical difficulties have seemingly been solved, since Envplus should still release before the end of this year.


This technical delay has also had some positive side-effects. Due to the extra time, TOGA Projects has been able to enhance Envplus even more than initially imagined. Though it will not come with more features than announced, the shaders will be much more fine-tuned out of the box. This goes for the Enhanced Atmospherics, Volumetric Clouds but also the Legacy mode. As previously stated, Envplus is still set for release before the end of this year.


Though TOGA Projects has been a bit quiet, they have certainly noticed how the landscape within flight simulation has started to change, with a much stronger focus on MSFS and many customers leaving Prepar3D behind. Despite this, the team remains committed to P3D development, and ‘will not abandon P3D development and support for existing products’. That also means that the yet to be released Envplus will continue to receive updates, both in the form of improvements and new features over time. Having that said, the focus for Envplus for now is P3Dv5, and the promised P3Dv4 support may come next year, depending on how much success the v5 version will have.


Last but not least, Maxime turns his attention to MSFS. Although no concrete plans have been shared, he states that there are plans for MSFS, but these are in a very early stage and that it’s yet too early to announce anything.