Online flight simulation community The Pilot Club has recently announced the launch of their new Online Flight School.

The Pilot Club are an official VATSIM partner and a VATSIM Authorized Training Organisation and has developed the Online Flight School content to align with VATSIM’s P1 rating.

The team have developed a series of video lessons and various online resources to be combined with practical flight training to create an immersive environment.

VATSIM changed their pilot ratings in 2020, ranging from P0 – Basic Member to P4 – Air Transport Pilot’s Licence. The Pilot Club’s Online Flight School currently focuses on VATSIM’s P1 rating which is aligned with the real-world PPL syllabus, covering Flight Fundamentals and VFR flying.

To be awarded a VATSIM pilot rating, the student pilot must complete a set training curriculum and pass both written and practical examinations.

The Online Flight School is free to all The Pilot Club members. More information on The Pilot Club and how to sign up can be found on their website.