For those looking to add a little more immersion to their flights through PACX, TFDi is excited to announce a voice packs expansion package. the expansion package will feature new voices in English as well as native languages, and will include the following languages: English (UK), Australian, Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese and Arabic. Although there is no exact release date for this expansion package, the TFDi team hopes to get this expansion out in Q1 of 2023.


Highly anticipated by many, TFDi’s MD-11 is steadily progressing. In some new previews, the team is showing off the virtual cabin that has been modelled with high detail. Work on the aircraft systems has also been continuing, and according to the development update, basic functionality such as heading hold, vertical speed hold, altitude hold, level change and speed hold are all functional. These modes lay the groundwork for implementing more complex modes.

The team has also been working hard on the LSAS and RCWS systems. LSAS is a complex system that assists with landing nose-down authority, speed protection and pitch smoothing during the flight. RCWS on the other hand assists the horizontal stability by holding the roll initiated by the pilot or return the aircraft to standard flight envelope.

For those eager to see this plane come to MSFS, there is some good news as well. The TFDi team is working on optimising and refining their code libraries for MSFS, and with Asobo fixing a critical bug in the WASM compiler, this has enabled the team to progress further. More MSFS updates regarding the MD-11 are soon to follow.

For more updates from the TFDi team, such as an update about smartCARS 3, make sure to check out the full development update over on their website.