Terrainy Studios has just released the Vans Aircraft RV-8, which is their first aircraft to be developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Known for their add-on development throughout the Greek archipelago and Swiss countryside, Terrainy has entered the aircraft market by first tackling the most popular aircraft in the RV lineup.

The RV-8 is a light, single-engine high performance and aerobatic piston aircraft capable of a top speed of 190 knots while maintaining an excellent range of over 680 miles. The aircraft is certified in the FAA Aerobatic category able to sustain maximum G-loading of +6/-3Gs. The rendition offered by Terrainy Studios received input from real RV-8 pilots and is fully equipped for IFR flight. It also includes some interestingly unique features such as dynamic fuel in the fuel tank allowing for visible inspection prior to departure.

Whether you wish to prepare for your next aerobatic competition amongst friends, speed along at close to 190 knots or challenge yourself to an IFR approach to minimums, the RV-8 has something to offer everyone. This aircraft will surely allow endless exploration and a true test of a wide variety of your piloting skills.

The Terrainy Studios RV-8 can be purchased via the simMarket store page for a price of €19.99 Exc. VAT.

Feature List

Accurate flight model developed alongside real RV-8 pilotsRealistic taildragger behaviorFully IFR capable cockpitGPS options, G430 (Asobo) and GTN650 (PMS50)Dynamic/interactable static objectsDynamic fuel in fuel tanks with visible levelIn cockpit tablet for static object controlIn cockpit physical checklistSimulated ice accretion on surfaces and engines3D adjustable lighting in both interior and exteriorHigh-resolution 4K PBR texturesOptimized performanceVR Compatible