Icelandic regional airport Egilsstaðir, BIEG, has been brought to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

Beginning its existence as an airfield in 1951 with just a gravel runway, the airfield today welcomes daily turboprop flights to the nation’s capital city, Reykjavik, but will soon see seasonal flights to Germany with the introduction of a new route by German charter carrier Condor.

ST Simulations bring the 2000m-long runway airfield to the sim, complete with a custom built terminal building, the nearby Fellabaer bridge and a quaint depiction of Iceland’s traditional houses scattered around the airport.

Iceland’s eastern coast, known as Austurland, is home to dramatic coastlines, stunning fjords, iconic waterfalls and a myriad of mountains, making it a spectacular destination for pilots in the sim.

You can purchase a copy of ST Simulations Egilsstadir at for EUR 9.99 (excluding VAT).


Egilsstadir Terminal

Custom Hangars and Buildings

Fellabaer Bridge

Iceland Houses

Realistic Runway, Apron and Taxiway Markings

A lot of custom objects, models and details for the environment

Highly Detailed Textures, Physically Based Rendering (PBR), Reflective and Realistic Textures