Parallel 42’s The SkyPark is an application for Microsoft Flight Simulator that adds a world within a world. The SkyPark allows you to earn karma and reputation through successful missions. There’s plenty of choice in The SkyPark that makes the experience unique to you.

Since the release of The SkyPark, the tablet-style device has seen plenty of updates that added to the core product to provide even more reasons to fly to all corners of the world. The next update to come will add even more functionality and refinement to the already well-received product.

New images and details shared to The SkyPark’s Discord server gave us a sneak peek at what is to come. As Edson from Parallel 42 said, “here you will find a feed from Area42 showcasing incredibly wonderful things coming to The Skypark in a SkyOS v3 update.”

The first few images shared by the team show us that there will be passenger loading in the next major update. Each passenger has their own attributes and stats that look to change depending on their flight experience. Happiness, hunger, thirst, comfort and entertainment levels are all measured, along with their weight and age. All of these stats are unique to each passenger and your flight overall.

Each passenger is represented by icons in the SkyPad. Not only are passengers present, but so too are the cabin crew. You are still very much in command of the aircraft as, but behind you will be a living cabin. The “Souls” onboard your aircraft will be looked after automatically, but you will never know what situation may happen in the virtual cabin. There are a few fun actions you can take, but your focus will still be on the flying.

This appears to be the very tip of the iceberg with many news features and changes to come. New options are available, such as changing weights, measurements and other metrics in your SkyPad.

There will be more to be revealed in the future and if there is something you’d like to see, the team are actively listening to your feedback. Edson said in the Discord, “since everything is under construction and lots is still top secret, we can’t answer questions as much as we can listen to your comments. So if you wish for something BASED ON SOMETHING WE POSTED HERE, wish for it below. It even takes less words!”

If you’re keen to learn more about The SkyPark, you can check out our past coverage of the product. Alternatively, you can grab your very own copy from Orbx for $43.00 AUD.