MSFS Caribbean scenery developer SLH Sim Designs, known for scenery projects including Bermuda’s L.F. Wade Airport (TFKF), has released their rendition of Anguilla’s Terrance B. Lettsome Airport (TUPJ) for MSFS.

Formerly known as Beef Island Airport, Terrance B. Lettsome Airport (TUPJ) is an international airport serving as the main port of entry to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The airport primarily serves as a stop-over point for tourists, using it as a jumping board to many of the other smaller islands forming part of this British Overseas territory.

The airport primarily sees turboprop passenger aircraft taking off and landing on its single 4’500ft long runway, with Seaborne Airlines SAAB 340B turboprops being the largest aircraft operating in and out.

Though the airport does not feature any SID procedures, it does come with an exciting and scenic RNAV approach, featuring visually prescribed tracks to runway 07. While initially following a standard RNAV approach, pilots will be forced to disconnect automation and follow visual guidance lights for the final 3nm to the runway.

MSFS Caribbean scenery developer SLH Sim Designs has released its faithfully recreated representation of Terrance B. Lettsome Airport (TUPJ) for MSFS users to discover. The scenery features all the usual goodies, including 4K PBR textures, accurate 3D representations of the airport’s main terminal and tower, faithfully modeled interiors, and custom terraforming and dynamic night lighting, to name but just a few.

SLH Sim Design’s rendition of Terrance B. Lettsome (TUPJ) can now be bought via the simMarket product page and will set you back €15.00 Exc. VAT.

Feature List

4K PBR textures

Terminal interior modelling with modelled passengers and various animations

Tower interior modelling

Accurate terraforming and runway slope

Dynamic night lighting

Animated road traffic with operating tollgates

True-to-life airport land side recreation 

Custom light-emitting taxiway lights and signs