Sky4Sim, the developer of the successful Sky4Sim Pad EFB addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has announced a new free version of their tablet will be available on October 25th.

In a blog post published on October 5th, the developer announced their existing Sky4Sim Pad product will be broken up into new ‘premium’ and ‘free’ versions.

Existing customers of the Sky4Sim Pad should be immediately and automatically gain access to the premium product offering.

An EFB (electronic flight bag) is an electronic information management system (normally a tablet computer) that helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper.

For those who are not already Sky4Sim customers, the Sky4Sim Pad allows users to see their live in-game position overlaid onto a variety of Bing Maps layers such as satellite, night, roads and more. There are also options to overlay navaids and airports (with options to filter by ILS and night lighting availability). In addition, the Sky4Sim pad allows users to view weather reports, build or upload a flight plan, take notes, and keep a pilot logbook.

All of these features will now be available in the free version of the Sky4Sim Pad, which Sky4Sim has announced will be released on October 25th.

Earlier this year Sky4Sim became an official partner of Neofly4, with the latter’s in-game “career mode” addon being integrated into the Sky4Sim Pad’s existing user interface.

The new premium tier of the Sky4Sim Pad will offer all the aforementioned features, along with the ability to upload and read PDF charts, manage multiple documents, get real-time weather information at airports with weather reporting systems, flight plan sharing, and integration into the existing Microsoft Flight Simulator bush-trip mode.

The premium version of the Sky4Sim Pad is on sale now and retails at a one off price of $16.90. For VFR pilots, the ability to overlay live position onto satellite imagery may make the Sky4Sim pad a compelling option for low-and-slow flying.

For additional information, visit the Sky4Sim website.