SimWorks Studios announced that they were partnering with PILOT’S to bring the Dash 7 to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator back in February. Since then, development news has been pretty non-existent, but we now have a little more information to hand on the project.

Progress appears to be going well from both sides. The exterior modelling is now “complete and fully animated” with liveries being added. Moving to the inside, the team said that the modelling is complete, with texturing and animations being the next major task to complete. They said this is going to take some time due to the complexity, but they are making progress. Some new previews of the cockpit were shared, but do remember this is very much an early-stage preview.

SimWorks Studios also commented on the flight dynamics and systems. The plane handles well and system coding is complete. Final checks will take place once the cockpit is 100% complete and in the simulator. In terms of system depth, PILOT’S and SimWorks Studios say that they are aiming to have a “level of system complexity that will not be overwhelming, yet accurate and feature-rich.” Aircraft systems will allow pilots to perform all tasks needed on the routes, but don’t expect any circuit breaker functionality.

Neither side are committing to a release date at this time, but it’s great to see progress is coming along nicely for this anticipated aircraft. As usual, we’ll keep you updated with the latest.

Thanks to ronald.1302 for the tip.