Developer SimWorks Studios shared another progress post on their Facebook page a few days ago, highlighting a short update on their Amphibian Kodiak which should be released after SU10 drops. However, the post’s main focus was the highly anticipated de Havilland Dash 7.

SimWorks de Havilland Dash 7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently being developed in partnership with PILOT’S, with the announcement coming earlier this year. The team have said that they are going over the exterior fixing rivets and finalising the last few layers of dirt and grime, the cockpit is currently undergoing texture work with gauges and instruments being labelled but is still early work in progress.

They also mentioned that the flight model of the Dash 7 flies well with all systems and instrumentation responding and operating as it should and that the final crunch is almost over.

SimWorks has said their goal is to deliver the Dash 7 to PILOT’S by the end of September so that they can work on the sounds and add the finishing touches to release the aircraft on the market.

Neither SimWorks Studios nor PILOT’S have released a price tag as of yet or an exact release date, until then make sure to stay tuned to FSElite for more updates.