MSFS developers SimWorks Studios have taken to Facebook to provide a long-awaited update on their Dash 7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Their post includes a number of updates on key components, such as the flight dynamics, exterior model and cockpit modelling, among other things. However, more importantly, the team say they intend to have the Dash 7 ‘in pilot’s hands within the next couple of weeks for evaluation’.

The team behind the RV-14 and the Kodiak 100 say the flight dynamics of their Dash 7 have been finalised for a few months, with minor tweaks having been made on the ground handling of the four-engine propeller driven aircraft.

The post reveals that it is the interior detail of the aircraft that is receiving the majority of the team’s attention, with texturing making good progress and ‘bugs being squashed’.

You can read the team’s announcement in full here.