X-Plane developer SimSolutions is coming to MSFS with the Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse. The developer recently took to their Discord to share this exciting news and provided some photo previews of the upcoming airplane.

The DA20 is one of the early aircraft produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries. This general aviation aircraft has grown in popularity as a training aircraft because of its speed and performance. The DA20 first took to the skies in 1991 and is still being produced today. With over 1,000 models produced, the DA20 was eventually developed into the larger DA40 Diamond Star.

As mentioned, the DA20 will be SimSolutions’ first product developed for MSFS, so the aircraft’s development may take longer than usual as the team gets used to working with the MSFS SDK. However, developer Brady currently flies in the DA20, so it’s SimSolutions’ goal to ensure that their rendition is highly detailed and replicates the real aircraft as close as possible. Based on the initial photo previews, the attention to detail is evident in the interior and exterior modeling.

It is worth noting that the deluxe version of MSFS includes the Diamond DA20 as a default aircraft. However, SimSolutions is known for its detailed yet affordable general aviation aircraft, so it should be interesting to see how their version of the DA20 compares. Lastly, there is a possibility that SimSolutions will develop an X-Plane version of DA20 after the development of the MSFS version.

FSElite will continue to monitor the DA20’s development and provide any future updates.