One of the largest airports in North America, Anchorage, is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Anchorage Ted Stevens International (PANC) is Alaska’s most important airport as it sees routes to the rest of NA, Asia and more. Due to its location, it acts as an important cargo airport that links Asia and the US.

Anchorage Airport has three main runways and a single helipad and is located just outside of the city itself. Cargo ops are greater than passenger services from Anchorage, but a great range of airlines regularly visit the airport, transporting passengers to parts of Canada and the US.

Sim-Wings has created a detailed recreation of the airport, with custom jetways, high-resolution textures and accurate signage throughout, The airport has been designed based on the latest data and layout information, whilst ground clutter and equipment populate the apron across the airport. Dynamic lighting has also been added to create an immersive looking airport at night. Finally, the team has included the Lake Hood float plane base as part of the package for those wanting to take a seaplane out for a spin.

You can buy Sim-Wings’ Anchorage Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from Aerosoft for €19.28 (excluding taxes).


Includes a highly accurate recreation of Anchorage Airport (ANC, PANC)Highly detailed models with high resolution texturesCustom jetways with correct number variations for each terminal pierA lot of ground clutter and service equipment at aircraft stands and parkingsUp to date runway, taxiway, apron and stands layoutCustom and accurate taxiway signageCustom aerial image covering the airport boundary and surrounding area including Lake HoodAccurate terrain elevation and runway profilesRealistic night time dynamic lightingTerminal interior for national and international terminalIncludes scenery of Lake Hood float plane base