Scenery developer Sim-Wings has provided a new update to its original Ibiza Airport (LEIB) scenery product that vastly improves it.

The new version includes new ground layers that are completely custom, new jetways, and also new style runway designators. Furthermore, the team has improved many textures throughout, with car parks, roofs and the main terminals all seeing improvements. All of these changes have made it version 2, but it is freely available to all current customers.

If you don’t already own the original Sim-Wings Ibiza, then you can buy it from Aerosoft for €15.08.

Update Changelog

New concrete Apron extension at left side

New ground layers (removed MSFS ground materials)

Aerial picture retouched (removed trees from streets, added new rapid exits, new streets etc)

New Rapid Exits (Ground, Lines and Lights)

New style of Runway designators

Roof textures of main Terminal completely rebuild (green roof with bushes, roof tiles etc)

New sidewalks at entire airport

New jetway connection buildings

Added street lines at old and new terminal areas

New paved area in front of the old terminal

Added parking lines for car parkings

Added new Express parking at terminal front

Added new parking building

Reworked parking building with more details. higher res. textures

Added Costa Coffee Buidling, Signs, Ibiza text

Reworked parking roofs (texture)

New Terminal with partly new textures, full interior airside and some minor changes

Tower with interior

Changed textures at Cargo Area (new blue) and signs

Taxisigns changed to match to 3d ground. added signs for TWY J

New cars/utility vehicles

Added jetblast sign to safegate stands

Added static peoples

New Taxiway lights to follow 3d ground

New light poles with LED Light for apron

Changed Parking positions and apron streets to latest updates

New cars and utility vehicles around entire airport

New gas station

New Fence around airport