Sierrasim Simulation has released a new version of Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (ICAO: SKMD) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing several enhancements to the scenery.

Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport V1 was originally released by Sierrasim in April 2021 with aerial images of the surrounding area, adjacent buildings, sloped runways, and emblematic buildings of Medellin city. Olaya Herrera Airport is Colombia’s main regional airport, hosting a large number of regional and domestic flights. Prior to the opening of nearby José María Córdova International Airport in 1985, the Airport was known as Medellin International Airport.

Olaya Herrera Airport V2 includes many new features by taking advantage of the many new capabilities the Simulator offers to scenery developers. At the top of the list comes photo realistic PBR textures being applied to buildings and vehicles. Another large improvement over last year’s version is the detailed interior modeling of certain areas of the terminal with the inclusion of static passengers. Finally, the tower cab has been modeled with ATC personnel and transparent glass.

Olaya Herrera Airport V2 can be purchased via Simmarket for €9.99. For those users that purchased V1, this is a free upgrade!


Ground ImagesPhoto realistic PBR textures for buildings, vehicles, etc.Airport ObjectsImproved certain texturesModel improvementInternal models includedOptimized for good performanceNight lighting