If you’re looking to explore a little more of Canada, then Roman Design has you covered with their new release of Oshawa Executive Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Oshawa Executive Airport (CYOO) is a busy general aviation airport. It is home to two schools, various fixed-based operation centres and more.

The feature list for this particular airport is pretty extensive. There are custom PBR materials, 4 open hangars with interior modelling, custom taxiways with authentic Canadian striped markings and also runway lighting that matches charts. in addition, the team has included 50 hand-crafted airport buildings, parallax windows and custom night lighting that make the airport look truly alive even at night.

Other features include custom animated flags, full perimeter fencing, and also the NAV Canada ATC Tower with interior modelling.

You can get your copy of the airport directly from Roman Design’s website for $19.99.


Custom high-resolution PBR materialsOver 50 hand-crafted airport buildings meticulously modeled for full immersionNAV Canada ATC Tower with interior modelling4 Open hangars with interior modeling and starting spots. Select “W Parking 1” to spawn inside a large hangar suitable for business aviation and larger GA aircraft, or select “E Parking 1/2/3” to start in one of the smaller GA hangarsHandcrafted Runways with custom authentic Canadian striped markings and true to life (and charts) lighting – they now look like a Canadian runway should lookCustom taxiways with fully authentic custom ground markings true to life and chartsCustom taxiway night lightingCustom taxiway signs true to lifeCustom aprons with ground markings and wear and tearCustom runway lighting true to life and chartsParallax windows on most buildings with reflective glass and night lighting, based on custom 3D room interior renderingsMultiple signs with emulated fluorescent night backlighting, 3D modelled letter-shaped signs, and other custom signage throughout the airportCustom night lighting throughout the airport, hangar exterior and interior lightsHundreds of objects placed throughout the scenery to create an immersive experienceAnimated flags that respond to wind directionFull perimeter fence around the airport, including gates with signage