Simmers can now experience realistic turbulence in MSFS with the release of RealTurb CAT Areas Global.

Clear Air Turbulence (CAT), can be encountered anywhere in the skies and ranges from light to severe. Specific areas around the globe are CAT hotspots, an aspect replicated in the product by interpolating SIGMET weather forecasts for real world pilots.

In building a 3D envelope of an area of forecast turbulence, users will experience varying degrees of impact depending on where they approach the turbulence.

According to developer M. A. RealTurb, “an aircraft being within the CAT area but near the defined vertical edges will most likely encounter less severe turbulence compared to being in the “core” of the CAT area. Similarly a CAT area with a weakening (WKN) trend will give less severe turbulence compared to an area with intensifying (INTSF) trend etc.”

Compatible with any aircraft in the simulator and with custom made sounds that are linked to the aircrafts G loading, users are no longer safe once the gear is up, above the clouds and on their way!

You can purchase RealTurb CAT Areas Global at for €11.51 (excluding VAT)


Global coverage of real world CAT areasRealistic (custom made) turbulence effectsCustom made turbulence sound (linked to aircraft G load – also tunable from ini file)Easy installation and usageNo user input/setup required for the effects to work. Compatible with any aircraft, being default or add-on