After the announcement only a few days ago, RDPresets has released its Bergen Flesland Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Bergen Flesland Airport (ENBR), located in Norway, serves the city of Bergen. It’s served by a number of airlines with destinations all over Europe, albeit many of them seasonal.

The airport comes with a fully custom model of the airport buildings and nearby landmarks, whilst the team has put together hand-crafted textures for a realistic look. There are over 1000 clutter objects to help bring the environment to life, along with a 3D terminal building with animated passengers. The night lighting has been designed to be accurate, as well as building the airport product to keep performance in mind.

You can buy RDPresets’ Bergen Flesland Airport now from their store for €19.99.


Realistic replica of ENBR – Bergen Flesland Airport

Completely custom modelling and texturing with PBR textures on the whole airport.

Full Custom 3D Interior including 3D Passengers

More than 1000+ clutter objects on the apron and surrounding area’s

Realistic and functioning VSDG

Custom ground textures, faithfully recreating the asphalt differences like reality.

Performance optimizations.

Accurate night lighting.

Custom taxiway signage.

Ground traffic.

And many more.

Available for MSFS 2020!