It is unusual for us to share news of a new payment method, but we appreciate that many of you are avid PayPal users. It’s also been made pretty vocal that many of you are waiting on Fenix Sim to accept PayPal again in order to be able to buy their A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Today, Aamir gave a very brief announcement that PayPal has been reinstated on their website, enabling people to purchase a copy of the Fenix A320.

Initially, PayPal was added to the payment options for their website, but was then removed due to an issue coming from PayPal itself. Whatever was going on behind the scenes has now been resolved and those wishing to pay with the platform can do so.

We reviewed the Fenix A320 for MSFS not long after its release and found it to be an incredible addition to the simulator. It has since seen a fair number of updates since then (the most recent just yesterday) and there is more to come from the team in the future.

If you want to pick up a copy of the Fenix A320, you can do so for £49.99 from their website (now with PayPal).