Pointsoft has released PRO-ATC/SR for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D. PRO-ATC/SR is an air traffic control tool that aims to enhance your sim by giving you instructions. These range from weather reports, clearances and taxi instructions all the way to vectors, landing clearances and traffic calls. The tool takes into account standard departure and arrival procedures, lower and upper airways and even emergencies can be handled by it. Other features that the tool supports are background ATC sounds, support for a co-pilot that can help you out during the flight, and PRO-ATC/SR can also detect traffic that’s controlled by the to take these planes into account for your instructions.

Those some of these features may seem familiar to users of PRO-ATC/X, the new speech recognition (SR) aims to bring your sim realism to the next level. Speech recognition allows you to talk to the ATC using your microphone, making for an even more immersive experience. Speech recognition is an optional feature for those that do not wish to use it.

PRO-ATC/SR is available via Pointsoft for €49.95. Discounts for previous customers of PRO-ATC/X are available.