PMDG announced on their customer forum yesterday that their latest addition to the MSFS 737 lineup, the -600 has been released.

The Boeing 737 is a popular workhorse, flying in many domestic and international markets. Launched by Scandinavian Airlines and Boeing in 1995 as a replacement for the ageing 737-500, the 737-600 makes up just 1% of the nearly 7,000 737 Next-Generations (NGs) delivered. The first aircraft was delivered to the airline in September 1998, with the last one produced for WestJet in 2006.

PMDG has been faithful to Boeing’s design and is offering the 737-600 passenger variant with straight-edged wings only, but has still managed to pack a lot of detail into the smallest 737NG produced. The aircraft has a customised sound environment, highly detailed flight deck, dozens of user-selectable air carrier options and a full ground services simulation.

It has also been confirmed that as with the 737-700, the -600 will also remain in active development meaning new features such as PMDG’s new Universal Flight Tablet will be added as a free update. This update will bring Navigraph and Simbrief integration, greatly enhancing pre-flight and en-route planning.

Priced at $34.99 USD, the 737-600 is available now, directly from PMDG.