Over the holidays, PMDG has issued update 3.00.0056 for their Boeing 737 for MSFS. Both the 600, 700 and 800 variant have received updates to this latest version. The update adds a few small improvements to improve the rendering efficiency and reduce code execution latency. The team has also fixed a key or hardware binding for the parking brake lever lock and last but not least, the team has connected the external view game-HUD to improve the data display.

Robert Randazzo, who made the update statement on the PMDG forums, also made mention of the upcoming 737-900. The beta team has received another build of the plane and the development team is working on some details specific to the 900ER. Although work is still on-going on the aircraft, Robert does anticipate the release to be “soon”.

Of course the highly anticipated flight tablet was also mentioned. Where Robert had first expected the tablet to be ready for release at roughly the same time as the 737-800, after summer ’22, it’s now looking more likely that it might be ready roughly together with the 737-900.