Veteran flight sim addon developer PMDG has confirmed that the Boeing 777X is ‘in the plan’. In a post on the PMDG forums, user BWBriscoe mentioned that it would be “very cool for PMDG to launch a version [of the 777X] at the same time they start flying for airlines. Just a thought.” Within a couple of hours, Robert Randazzo, lead developer at PMDG, had replied to the post, writing “777X is definitely in the plan. We have some strong backing from the manufacturer in that regard as well”.

Randazzo did not confirm which simulator(s) would be receiving the 777X, although as all payware addons seek to make a good return on investment, it would be reasonable to assume Microsoft Flight Simualtor as the largest commercial flight simulator will be first in line for any 777X addon.

Another user, Captain Kevin, asked “So how do they get the flight dynamics and the performance for an airplane that hasn’t been certified yet?”, alluding to the fact that the 777X is yet to receive FAA certification. To this, Randazzo replied “Kevin- Same way we are getting them for [Boeing 737] Max”, alluding to PMDG’s strong relationship with US aerospace giant Boeing.

In a post on the PMDG forums, Robert Randazzo confirmed that the Boeing 777X is ‘in the plan’ for development.

PMDG has a long history of developing Boeing’s aircraft for flight simulators. Most recently, they have released the Boeing 737 in it’s -600, -700 and -800 variants for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the NG3 variants also confirmed. The studio’s next major release is expected to the be the Boeing 777 family for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which would be the first addition of a modern long-haul widebody airliner for the simulator at a high-fidelity or ‘study-level’ of detail in systems depth and modelling.

Although unconfirmed, it has also been teased by PMDG that a Boeing 757 could be worked on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with Robert Randazzo previously appearing on Asobo livestreams with a model 757 positioned behind him in frame.

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