Robert from PMDG is back with another blog post detailing what has been going on behind the scenes at the company since the release of the 737 for MSFS three weeks ago.

Unfortunately, the promised update two weeks after the initial release has yet to be released, but Robert did give an indication of what we can expect once the new update is eventually does release. The biggest change, from what we know at least, will be the inclusion of pop-up displays. Thanks to Aerosoft’s Hans and Mathijs, they were able to let PMDG know what the “easy fix” was in order to allow this functionality. You can see it in action above.

The new update will also include hundreds of small tweaks, changes and improvements to the initial release. As for when, well, Robert says that the testing team will get a new build today, with the team aiming for an update release in the middle of the week.

Whilst the new PMDG Flight Tablet (aka EFB) will not make it to the next update, PMDG are developing a custom solution that goes beyond the previously Boeing-modelled EFB from the Prepar3D line of products. Robert says that this tablet will be used across all future PMDG products and will control various options/configurations and give a more “more stylized, modern implementation for things we have been doing
via the text/descriptor limited FMS for many years.

There’s more to the EFB than Robert cares to share at the moment, but he says he “can’t wait” to show us more.

Finally, Rober says that we can expect some 737-600 previews next week.