A bit over a week after the release of the 737-700 for MSFS, Robert Randazzo has given an update on the PMDG forums to talk about some of the updates to the plane that they are working on. Several customers have reported some issues with the 737, although the plane has generally been well received.

Randazzo then goes through the list of most common issues. Some of the issues are, according do Randazzo, the fault of Asobo. He has some hope that the upcoming Sim Update 10 will fix some of them, such as the artifact flashing on displays, and hopefully the ‘pause’ functionality. Other issues, such as those related to the control inputs or control column animation will take a bit longer due to PMDG’s inability to debug in MSFS, or Asobo making changes the team did not expect.

Though Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel all by himself, luckily the team of PMDG has been getting some help with fixing one of their issues. The keen eyes over at Aerosoft have made the team aware of a change in the SDK that will make the display pop-ups possible that many users have been requesting. It may take some time to test this before it’s fully implemented however.

The next update, which will contain over 70 things that have been fixed with the plane, should hopefully be coming to us soon. It is Randazzo’s expectation that the update will be delivered to testers on Wednesday and if all goes well, customers could have the update as soon as Thursday or Friday.