Developer PILOT’S has brought us Lynchburg Regional Airport (KLYH) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Lynchburg Regional Airport (also known as Preston Glenn Field) is a small airport six miles southwest of the city of Lynchburg in South Central Virginia, US. The airport commenced operations in 1931 and is primarily used by general aviation, but it also sees daily flights from Charlotte, North Carolina, operated by American Eagle.

PILOT’S rendition of Lynchburg features an accurate up to date representation of the airport layout, dynamic scenery features, numerous high-quality Zeit-Dynamic scenery objects, high-quality texturing and more. The unique single jetway that opened in 2020 is also included.

You can purchase Lynchburg Regional Airport from the MSFS Marketplace for around $14.99.


Accurate representation of the 2022 Lynchburg Regional Airport LayoutFull native MSFS scenery, not a conversionCustom-crafted mesh to accurately represent the various terrain elevations from the runway areas and the immediate airport surroundings.Dynamic objects in high quality to maximize the immersive experience of being at the airport.Dynamic scenery features create a realistic, unique and ever-changing airport environment.