Pilot Experience Sim, known mostly for their scenery work, has been working hard on a new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Maule M7 has been the result of an intense amount of work in order to get the aircraft flying in the simulator.

The Maule M7-235 was first introduces in the 1980’s and has seen several hundred of the type built. It features a tailwheel undercarriage and Lycoming O-540 engine, that allows it to cruise at nearly 150mph with 4 passengers onboard.

Pilot Experience Sim has taken reference from the real-world aircraft and has incorporated many features, such as the tail wheel system, brake discs, and even every cable found inside the plane. This results in an accurately modelled and animated aircraft. There are also functional circuit breakers inside the plane.

The team are saying this is a ‘study level aircraft’, which includes custom sounds, highly detailed texturing and much more.

Over the next few weeks, we will see development update videos as the aircraft enters the beta testing phase. You can see the latest in-development previews below. It is expetced that Pilot Experience Sim’s Maule M7-235 will release in February.

We will keep our eyes peeled and be sure to update you.

Sorry for the delayed post, we were enjoying a short break over the festive period and are now catching up with the queue. Thank you for your understanding.