Parallel 42 has added a new fictional airfield to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator that is ideal for those wanting to discover more remote parts of the world. Mexican Mountain (42MX) is a custom-built strip in Green River, Utah, that features mountains, lush trees, running rivers and more. It’s location offers a great spot to relax after a long day of flying.

Mexican Mountain features custom vegetation assets, terraforming and night lighting, along with various objects that give it a sense of camp life. The runway itself is just shy of 1800ft long with a slight uphill slope, which needs to be given consideration when taking on the approach through the tall trees. Parallel 42 says that there is plenty of parking for group flights, loads of animations and a custom soundcape to add to the immersion.

If you already own the FreedomFox / Fox2 Complete Pack, then you will already own this new ‘Scene’. However, if you want to pick it up independently, then you can do so through Orbx for $12.00 AUD. This will also make a cool addition to Parallel 42’s Campout, which was recently released.


Runway: ~1800 ft long x 40 ft wide dirt runway. Slopes uphill slightly to the west.Approach Considerations: Tall trees on both sides of the runway present a hazard when landing to the east. Typically land to the west and depart to the east. Caution RC plane in the vicinity.Amenities: Campgrounds and fire rings. Please don’t leave food out; bears were reported in the area.Windsock: Yes. Located east of the runway, next to the information sign.Multiple runway objects and hazards contain collision boxes. (Careful tail spinners!)Challenging approach onto a narrow dirt runway.Custom vegetation assets.Custom terraforming in the region to match up to real-world footageCustom night lighting in camp areas.Custom Soundscape includes fire pits and flying RC planeFully animated RC Plane mini-sceneHeatblur effects on fire pitsCentrally located for bush trip adventures.Plenty of parking for group flight stagingBeware of bears near the camp.Pineapple on pizza not permitted on-site