Not content with just releasing a fun package of planes for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Parallel 42 has also delivered some imaginative ‘scenes’ for their aircraft product. These scenes act as gateways to the wider world through the use of unique and custom scenery packages. The Freedom Fox pack already features some of these and Parallel 42 plans on bringing even more content to owners.

The next ‘scene’ is located in Utah along the Green River. Working with a real-world bush pilot, the team have created Mexican Mountain that sits alongside the cliffs, buttes, ridges and alcoves that dominate the landscape. The unique terrain offers pilots the perfect chance to test out their STOL abilities.

The airport has a sloped 1,800ft dirt runway that has hazards throughout the approach. There are plenty of custom created objects, vegetation, highlighting and even soundscapes to enjoy throughout. It has all been designed with giving you even more opportunities to take your little Freedom Fox into the world on an adventure. Those looking to adventure with friends will enjoy the views and plenty of space the scenery provides for parking.

Mexican Mountain (42MX) is going to be part of the original FreedomFox / Fox2 package on both the in-sim Marketplace and through OrbxDirect. Based on popular demand, Mexican Mountain will also be available as a standalone purchase via the in-sim Marketplace for $7.99 USD. The airport ‘scene’ package is being submitted as we speak (as you read) so expect an update to appear in your applicable account soon.

If you haven’t picked up the FreedomFox / Fox2, you can do so over on Orbx for $43.00 AUD.