South Korea’s gargantuan travel centre, Seoul-Incheon International (ICAO: RKSI), has landed in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

With four enormous runways, the airport has established itself as a major transport hub in the Asian region, handling well over 70 million passengers in 2019.

Located on a stunningly manmade between Yeongjong and Yongyu islands, the airport comes to the sim with a torrent of features, including a stunningly depicted local areas, realistic coastlines using correct blending techniques and immaculate detail on the airport itself.

You can purchase a copy of PacSim’s scenery from their store for $28.99.


Latest Sim Update 10 tested productAccurate Terminal 1 and new Terminal 2 buildings, Concourse, hangars, towers, freight buildings and airport layout​Accurate Songdo City and major parts of Incheon City buildings/skyscrapersCustom Animated Jetways3 type Video Docking Guidance System (VDGS) programmed to all gates at Terminal 1 (Safedock T1), Terminal 2 (AIDA) and Concourse (Honeywell)Latest High Resolution (7cm-30cm pixel) orthoimagery replacing MS version (Covers the whole Incheon Island)Accurate hand-placed autogen (vegetation) that conforms with city, town, district, parking, and farm gridsIncheon Bridge connecting Incheon Intl Airport (Yeongjong Island) with mainland. (South Korea’s longest bridge)Fully optimized for smooth simulation experienceNew taxiways, runways (16 L/R-34 L/R)New deicing zones at north and midfieldNew Cool Cargo Center for refrigerated freight at midfieldAdded realistic coastlines using correct blending techniquesAdded wharf, fuel tank farms and buildings at coastal areas near Songdo and Incheon IslandAdded buildings and high rises at Incheon Island and near airportAdded airport fire stations (south, east and west areas of the airfield)Added airport catering buildings and service/maintenance buildingsAdded grunge work showing tire markings on runways and taxiways