Just days after announcing London Heathrow Airport for X-Plane 12, developer Origami Studios has now released the scenery.

With over 180 destinations around the world, there are plenty of flights available to explore flying in and out of Heathrow. Origami Studios has created custom-made buildings, that accurately depict the 5 passenger terminals and cargo hub at Heathrow as well as custom ground vehicles and signage. For X-Plane 12, Origami Studios have created tailored weather maps so that pilots see the effects of the weather on the ground too.

London Heathrow is available to purchase now from the iniBuilds store for £21.99 (plus taxes).


Custom-made Terminals, including Terminal 5 with 3D interior effect, and Terminals 4, 3 and 2Custom static ground vehiclesCustom ground markings and taxi signageCustom landside POIs (including the iconic Concorde)Aggressive optimisation including model LODs and texture compressionX-Plane 12 tailored weather maps, see rain, snow and ice accumulate correctlyX-Plane 12 tailored lightingSeamless integration with Orbx True-earth and custom ortho-imagery (Optional)Experimental 3D moving grass effect. (X-Plane 12 only)SAM Jetway integration with custom sound