Following the announcement article only a few days ago, Orbx has released Asturias Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developed by well-known developer Marcus Nyberg, the airport is one of his most detailed yet, offering a challenge to the Spanish city.

The airport is located in the North of Spain, near the Bay of Biscay. Due to its coastal location and nearby mountain range, the weather and approach at Asturias Airport can present quite a challenge to pilots. Airlines fly often to locations across Europe, including Madrid, Paris and London.

You can buy Asturias Airport (LEAS) now from OrbxDirect for $24.64 AUD (approximately US$15.51 | €15,91 | £13.75). Owners of the P3D version will also be entitled to a 20% discount. You will be able to also pick up double Orbs until October 16th with the purchase.


Full Asturias Airport in high detail and beautiful texture workCustom animated airside traffic by NoolNew high-definition moving jetwaysHandcrafted approach light objects & taxiway lightsOptional staticsDeveloped by Marcus Nyberg