A fresh new update for Orbx’s latest aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available.

The new update for the PAC P-750 XSTOL sees a number of improvements and fixes for the multi-use aircraft. Some of the biggest changes includes new integration with the PMS50 GTN750, along with additional effects and a new user guide. Pilots and 3D models will be hidden based on payloads, whilst there are improvements with the nosewheel turning and also the cockpit textures.

A number of bugs have also been fixed with the update. Some missing sounds have been added, whilst a few animations have also seen improvements.

The update can be downloaded through Orbx Central. You can view the full changelog down below.

Orbx’s PAC P-750 XSTOL is available for $38.37 AUD through Orbx Direct.



Added optional PMS50 GTN750 integrationAdded engine exhaust heat blur effectAdded user guide to packageCondition lever logic has been rewrittenDoors and agriculture hatch can now be operated by tabletPilot and co-pilot 3D models will now be hidden based on payload settingIncreased speed of map light dimmer knobImproved tooltip for backup elevator trim handle55X Autopilot logic has been reworked to improve reliabilityMinor improvements and tweaks to cockpit texturesImproved nosewheel turning at taxi speedsAutostart (Ctrl-E) now moves condition lever at appropriate timeAutostart (Ctrl-E) now activates aux fuel pump


Asobo GNS530/430 units can now be popped out into a new window correctlyFixed issue with cockpit door gas strut animationFixed missing TDS GTNXi knob and button animationsFixed missing AV2 Circuit Breaker animationFixed broken nose gear animationFixed smoothing on nose gearFixed cabin window smoothing issuesFixed gap in agriculture variant noseFixed phantom clickspots when TDS GTNXi is disabledFixed missing sounds on autopilot ALT and VS mode buttonsFixed missing sounds on SN3500 and TDS GTNXi knobs and buttonsFixed skydive masks not being double-sidedFixed reversed rudder trim wheel directionFixed emergency exit decals in reverse orderFixed agriculture landing lights not showing as emissiveFixed duplicate mesh on agriculture navigation lightsFixed seats baked into cabin floor textures on non-pax variantsRemoved unused overhead pull handle on passenger and cargo variants