Orbx has released their PAC P-750 XSTOL for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft, developed by Pacific Aerospace in New Zealand, draws inspiration from the PAC Cresco, taking it’s engine and wings and combining that with a larger fuselage and a modified tail. With it’s Extremely Short Take-Off and Landing capability, the plane truly lives up to being a multi-rule utility aircraft. Orbx’s rendition of the plane features differrent versions of the plane with different capabilities. These include skydiving, agricultural, cargo and passenger capabilities.

Orbx has accurately recreated the fuel and electronics systems (including some circuit breaker functionality) of the aircraft, referencing real world documentation. The systems in the aircraft include COM and NAV radios, EHSI, CDI and GPS allowing for full IFR flights. Custom coded electronics international gauges monitor the aircraft’s systems, and there is a convenient tablet to configure your aircraft and perform ground interactions.

Orbx’s PAC P-750 XSTOL is available for $38.37 AUD through Orbx Direct.


Beautiful 3D models and textures based on real-world aircraft and dataCapable IFR avionics including 2 COM/NAV radios, an EHSI, CDI, and GPSCustom-coded Electronics International gauges for monitoring engines, fuel, and electric systemsAccurate fuel and electric systems derived from real-world documentation including bus tieAlmost all circuit breakers functioningPassenger and cargo variants with cargo pods and openable animated doorsSkydive variant with unique interior modeling, skydive door, working skydive jump lights, and a pilot-operated door handle for high-speed descent capabilitySolid agricultural variant with unique interior/exterior modeling and an animated hopper door operable by the pilotOptional TDS GTNXi supportDimmable interior lightingIntegrated virtual tablet to configure aircraft settings like ground power, display units, and avionics suite13 detailed liveries of real-world operators